One of his most recent songs, “YA’LL CAN’T DO IT LIKE DIS,” is a hip-hop track that is guaranteed to get you bouncing along with the beat. The infectious hook will have you singing it for days, and the synthesizer riff in the beat is an added bonus that will keep you coming back for more. The production quality of this track is top-notch, and the lyrics are cleverly written with a catchy flow that is sure to stick with you. What’s impressive about INFAMOUS C-4 is that he not only has the talent to make great music, but he also knows how to promote it on social media. His Instagram page is a perfect example of this. It’s filled with pictures and videos of him in the studio, performing at shows, and interacting with his fans. He keeps his followers engaged by sharing snippets of his upcoming projects and even hosts live Q&A sessions. But what truly sets him apart is his dedication to his craft. He is constantly pushing himself to be the best, and it shows in his music. ”


I Am Infamous C-4

Electronic Press Kit

Awesome rapper from Atlanta, Ga that has a point to prove. His smooth melody and marvellous delivery is what makes C-4 stand out and show out. His inspiration comes from all music in all genres. If you listen to his music you can tell he has a jazzy style as well. He has done shows in Atlanta and has got good reviews.

Short term and long term goal is to be the best at my craft which is top rhyming and song making. Although I am sure everyone wants this there is no one more determined that Infamous C-4. I know with the right push a Grammy is definitely in his future.

Street Execs Studio

Hear Me Now

Infamous C-4

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This is the first single off the Traffic Jamz Mixtape. New Hot Music!!!

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